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3/1/04              A NEW BEGINING.....  let there be light...

3/1/04    The day was as calm as a gunshot in the middle of the night. Never knowing what exactly happened. 1st period was a sly. 2nd period. Teacher was sarcastic to me as usual:-\. 3rd period got kinda dizzy and sick. Sean tried telling me that my system was tricking me into eating alot of food and i was going to throw it all up. Well it is now 5:31 PM and so far not a damn thing has happened..... YET. Hallejuah. 4th I fell asleep as usual and influenced other kids to do the same. Got a ride home with Jenny, Alicia, and Tiffany. Then some one mention me about to get raped. How insane. As of now listening to "The Prize Fight" an emo/punk-pop/ ska band.... very good. middayish style going on.                              the truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breathe I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt....

3/3/04        Its now 10:52 PM. I just got back from work... kinda tired right now. I also have alot of thoughts on my mind.... i went to the park with a friend today and when i  got home all i did was make things worse i think.. im not 100% sure but im sure we all have feelings we fuck up things soo bad in this world trying to help and want it to be the last time. a painful realization that all has gone wrong. something i must have done wrong apparently. i dunno. im sure ill find out sooner or later. lately ive been having the feeling of me being miserable.. i dunno its might just be depression . who the hell knows or cares?? well im now about to go eat some chicken and corn for dinner you guys should be expecting more in this diary than i expected... not even tho many ppl look in here so  bye now

3-22-04 well guys looks like i was wrong, i didnt write much in here since, been toooo damn lazy, HOO HAW, one of my good friends is deciding not to be good friends with me anymore so... i dunno whats going on there. Anyway, there is someone else out there who is really really groovy:-) such a rebel heheheeee  well im out see ya

well today has been kind of interesting. I've been a lil sick lately. dunno why but ive been waking up with headaches.right now im drinking apple cider and listening to funeral for a friend.obviously its 3 and i cant sleep. i tried to play the new james bond game but there is this level i cant seem to get passed so i just got mad and gave up.its now spring break. and i have nothing to do. everybody is going to the beach except me and like 4 other ppl. oh well. guess ill do nothing the whole week but getting kinda pissed at AP becsuae they have the same exact gay cover of NOFX, i like nofx but i mean c'mon. i dont want to see them w/o clothes. story of the year is on the next cover. blegh...they're ok i guess.all i had to eat today was donuts and wendy's. waht a meal. i might die from an unhealthy diet. my band has got a new website posted up. i should have it up somewhere on this one. i might have better luck bringing in diarys not like anybody cares but ok. April 10th is the Norma Jean show in charlotte. im pretty excited about it. and sometime this month i think im going to see rufio with senses fail. im pretty hype about that. so this is along diary so im going  to go now. there is also this girl jordan ive been talking to for about a month maybe.. she's very unique and very special. the other night we went to the movies and i swear i never had seen a movie in theaters in such a unique way. brain freeze from hell from drinking my ICEE too fast.... mmmmmm i could go for one of those right about now especially at 3:38 am. I just realized i still have a bunch of my pop punk posters up like Blink 182, Sum 41, and a Britney spears poster. but its britney spears's when she was actually hot. not now when she is just a whore with no point in life and should just die. i like christina agdlfkjdaslfdjaflads better. however the hell you spell her name. i think she is wayyyyyyyy prettier and has a muchhhhhh better voice. im going to go and finish reading my AP magazine so ill talk to you guys later. rock on

6-1-04 this is outta control man.. i havent updated this crap in sooo long, hehe. crazy. linds reminded me about it  as i said in the olds. but anyway my band is changing a new website, and we're getting a bunch of new ppl in it new singer and stuff. Summer vacation has begun! KICK ASS! im actually gonna get some rest this summer unlike last summer where i had 2 jobs. my mom wanted me to fill out an application for that one other place again. i called her crazy. well as of now im playing my ps2 casue there is nothing better to do
 about to make a pb and j sandwich with bananas! delish i tell you. now seee ya kids later. byebey

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